There’s two more days to enter…

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There’s two more days to enter our “Because You’re Awesome” Giveaway! We’ll announce the first winner this Friday!

3 responses to “There’s two more days to enter…”

  1. Conner Herman says:

    Is awesome enough?

  2. I’ve done some research and plan to definatly get my next tattoo with you guys. Im one state away but the quality in my 1st tattoo was at aww.

  3. AUTUMN says:

    My work is far from finished, however, what I have now is beyond awesome. My spoken ideas have been translated by this artist (Jason) totally in agreement with what I saw in my head when I described what I wanted to Jason. He started with a coverup that worked so well there is no way anyone can tell that he covered something existing on my ankle. I can’t wait for the whole leg to be done and then I’ll look for another spot on my body for him to beautify. Thank you, Jason, from this great-grandmother’s heart.

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